Wednesday | 21.08.19  
Past Show
Show Time
TBA   (Door 19:00)
Acud Macht Neu | Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin, Germany


This summer we celebrate 5 years of ACUD MACHT NEU in the backyard of the cultural center and former milkhouse. Every wednesday evening together with former partners and friends of the house we have prepared an eclectic program throughout the summer with concerts, performances, talks & drinks.

For this new Acud Macht Sommer night, LFÖ (Lukas Föhres) and N KRAMER (Niklas Kramer) are teaming up again, this time to fill up the open air at our backyard with floaty mix of echoing, yet melodic ambient textures and some slowed down jams.


N KRAMER (aka Still Parade) – Live Ambient Set
… is playing a Live Set, consisting of unreleased material such as songs from his Endless EP (which got released on Berlin based Tape Label Feel Flows) which DUMMY MAG calls “a blissful synthetic experience”

“There is something beautiful and pure about the textures of European Experimental Music in the late 70s. A unique sound palette forming and encapsulating a distinct and exciting world. On his Debut EP, “Endless” Berlin-based musician and producer N KRAMER is picking up on these sounds and takes the listener on a dream-like journey through this delicate musical world. Taking cues from abstract art, different shapes and colours are combined to evokye a sense of emotion. Polyrhythmic patterns that seem to be constantly evolving, reflect the works of ambient pioneers such as Ashra, Harmonia and of course, Brian Eno. A blend of modular synth, soft percussion and subtle tape effects that is put together in a unique and individual style. The EP wades through the feeling of how short-lived experiences can alter your whole perspective. Songs like “Endless” and “It Has Never Worked Before (Timeless)” try to apprehend these feelings and extend them, wrapping the listener in a swelling blanket of comfort.”

LFÖ – Tape/Vinyl Set
Lukas Föhres is bringing a broad collection of Music on Tapes, mixed with some gems on Vinyl. Listen back to this warm Tape Mix:

Admission: DONATION