Thursday | 14.11.19  
Past Show
Show Time
21:00   (Door 20:00)
West Germany | Skalitzer Str. 133, 10999 Berlin, Germany

On November 14th we will be christening the ship that is Early Labyrinth as it sets out through the foggy nocturnal waters of future pasts. Heavily loaded with an 8-member band and the burden of the last 50 years of popular music, Early Labyrinth is thematically punk yet sonically channels softer spirits to guide it through the ancient maze of human song craft. Soulful hooks of class war, smooth harmonies meditating on military torture, and choral refrains to stave off end times become tools for carving out space beyond the omnipresent police state. Conceived as a remedy to the general malaise of growing up and older under imperial global capitalism, this is music made for dancing on the future graves of dead systems, layered rhythms playing out across the cemeteries late at night as what is left of humanity mingles with its ghosts.

Early Labyrinth is fronted by Christopher Kline, known from past music projects Hush Hush and Wooden Veil, as well as for co-running the Berlin project space Kinderhook & Caracas and his evolving O.K. – The Musical.

With support from Berlin literary hip hop shit disturbers R&D as well as Blaue Form – a new synth composition solo project by Dominik Noé (Mirror Talk, Gemeine Gesteine, Wooden Veil).

This spectacle is proudly presented by Shameless/Limitless.