Friday | 31.05.19  
Past Show
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22:00   (Door 22:00)
Loophole | Boddinstraße 60, 12053 Berlin, Germany
Berlin Local Band Local Band

Back at beloved Loophole’s hood six years after a memorable Session VII, Dromoscope will soon give life to a new large meeting, it’s tenth major one in years.

Dromoscope SESSION X
Loophole Berlin 310519

_ with:

Andrea Ricci

Daniele De Santis

Delmore Fx

Ina Ynoki



Marta De Pascalis

Maximilian Glass

Primordial OOze


* * *

The term “Dromoscope” is a graft between two semantic roots of greek origins, ?????? (dr?mos:, way, path, course) and ?????? (skop?s: scope, aim, target). Rare and technical word, it may assume such different acceptations that it needs some proper philological efforts in order to be correctly framed. In French language for example it might refer at the same time to an old mechanical train speedometer from pioneering era of railway technology; as well as to the basal concept of that fascinating antropo-philosophical analysis system by philosopher Paul Virilio called in fact “Dromoscopie”. However, despite the diverse meanings it may assume, this word always seems to serve the same archetypal coupling of Movement and View, Path and Perspective, Motion and Vision. By choosing the term as a symbol for our work, we aim to enphasize this wide palette of concepts which its inner combination of roots spontaneously discloses. Movement as action or dance, as elemental and healing agent of change, as manifestation of liveliness, in a phisical as well as political sense; alongside Vision, intended as visual meditation, psichedelic and phylosophical view of the Existing, as perspective of the change. Motion as trigger of the Vision, Vision as driver of the Motion.

Purpose-built to sustain experimentalism in all possible sound-related art forms, and especially devoted to improvisational tendencies within electronic arts, Dromoscope came to life in Rome during 2011, firstly in the form of an art collective and a series of namesake Sessions. After a later progressive displacement of its main activities to Berlin, the project has also extended to the production of records, while slightly depicting an osmotic rich international network of artists, collaborations and supporters. Nowadays Dromoscope platform is regularly maintained and curated by Daniele De Santis.

* * *

Boddinstr. 60 12053 Berlin, Germany