Thursday | 13.12.18  
Past Show
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21:30   (Door 20:30)
TIEF | Laskerstraße 5, 10245
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LEGALIZE IT. After Uruguay and Canada, with this band on side Wales definitely should be the next candidate of making things much better, greener and easier. With welcoming them Welsh Weedruids in
Dope Smoker
for the first time, we are about to present you straight from the bong and UK underground one of the recently most important European Stoner Doom acts out there. Trippin’ with their psychedelic Ukrainian friends in
Sex Blender
, get ready for a purple haze of green smoke & tasty dope! So let’s roll one off. Smoke it hot. And melt ya brains with a kush kush off-shore breeze served by:
? DOPE SMOKER | Pembroke, West Wales, UK
Hard Grinding Surf Wax Jammin’ Acid Mantra Stoner Grunge Bong Doom Natas |
Denses Record
Official Music Video ‘Rise Again’ (2018):
Motorik Space Rock Psychedelia Weedrone Kraut Divers
Drone Rock Records
Wolftrap Records
Galician Comfort Records
Official Music Video ‘Motorik’ (2018):

Band descriptions:
? DOPE SMOKER | Pembroke, West Wales, UK
RISE AGAIN. Smoking, skateboarding, surfing. It never gets boring in South West Wales – where “everyone smokes dope & surfs.”
Dope Smoker are three friends serving you a thick, passionate, loud, energetic and hazy blend of trippy Psychedelic Stoner Rock and crushing Doom Metal with the right note of groovin’ 90s Alternative Rock and Grunge. This is where it all comes together: Over-distorted, fuzz-drenched riffs in danger of breaking up entirely, mantra type vocals that repeat over and over while switching in-between Ozzy and Cobain, plus bass and drums beating out a rhythm and vibe more akin to a dance floor than a moshpit! The band easily gives the Stoner Rock answer to three-chord Punk: It’s so simple yet so satisfying.
With their self-titled gem having surprised a few people back then, these three stoners came back and back and delivered one beast after another, though since their foundation in 2014 up until today having released six records (!) – and this year already a ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation! Although every album seems to be stitched together with parts from all the other albums, there’s something about just the hugeness of the sound that makes each album a powerhouse and worth getting. While their LP ‘Marijuana’ is a green printed bible for every fan of crunchy and grungy Psych and Doom, the real successor ‘Legalize It’ (2017) rolls up every page of its legacy and burns its massive core even stronger, harder, riffier and doomier than before. Praise it, raise it, blaze it! So
Orange Goblin
should watch their backs, cause there’s a new band chasing for the „Stoner Kings of the UK“ crown. And you better watch out as well, as these Welsh Wizards get louder, fuzzier and trippier than ever! Let’s hail the mighty Dope Smoker, breathing fire – and spreading sweet smelling smoke!
Black Sabbath
Monster Magnet
Orange Goblin
, Acid King
COVERED BY NIGHT. This “sounds way less painful than you’d imagine [while thinking of putting sex in a blender]. In fact, it’s super cool and colourful”, as
Classic Rock Magazine
describes them tripped-out Ukranian’s new, extraordinary debut LP ‘Hormonizer’. “Served in a most fluid state, chilled but with just the right amount of Blues in an almost improve-like sonic decanter” and “carefully driven by a Krautrock atmosphere, even with Space for some Drone inputs”, as
Riff Relevant
Round Trip
state, them Eastern gentlemen in Sex Blender prove, that (sometimes) music is even better than sex. Let’s find out!
FFO: Neu!,
Pink Floyd
Electric Moon
Farflung (official Site)
Monomyth (official)
Sula Bassana
Yuri Gagarin