Monday | 19.08.19  
Past Show
Show Time
21:00   (Door 20:00)
Loophole | Boddinstraße 60, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Diego Ferri (Italy)

Using low-resolution digital samplers, generative patches and multitrack cassette loops, Ferri creates highly imaginative soundscapes where slowly evolving drones, minimal rhythmic cells and sparse melodic patterns interact in a way that recalls Kosmische Musik and modernist composers. His interpretations of Erik Satie’s music have been featured in the BBC1 TV show Casualty.

Fabiola (Portgal)

Fabiola is a multi talented artist. Singer, actress, composer, dancer and performer, she is also a sculpturer born in Viana do Castelo,

Santiago Dolanin (Argentina)

Matthias Kanik (Germany)

Tape machine and guitar.

Rieko Okuda (Japan)

Rieko Okuda is a pianist and a composer. She began with Classical music from the age of 3, in Japan. In her young age, she attended to Kaizuka city Piano Competition, and got the first prize. Later then moved to USA to study and learn Jazz music. She fell right into the Jazz scene in USA, performing with some of the great American Jazz musicians (Bob Mintzer, Jon Faddis, John Fedchock etc.) Also, she got interested in Free Jazz and Improvised music scene while she was in Phliladelphia. She performed with the great improvisers includes Marshall Allen (from San Ra Orchestra), Elliott Levine (recorded with Cecil Taylor), and Calvin Weston (recorded with Ornette Coleman). She has performed in Jazz Festivals throughout her stay in USA. Her interests in Improvised music led her to move to Berlin and perform with various musicians. Currently, she performs with Audrey Chen, Els Vendaweyer, Susanne Zapf (from Sonar Quartet), Yuko Kaseki, Axel Dörner, ect. She also performs at several experimental festivals: XChange Festival, Experymental Festival, and Art-Sound Festival to name a few.

In 2014, she got to work with Japanese Pop Artist, YUZU. She arranged the song called “Amenochi Hareruya,“ which awarded Japan Record Award 2014.

ememe (Japan)

Composer,improvisor and DJ from Japan living in Berlin.

As an improviser,he plays psychedelic noisy sound scape with electronics.

Also he plays more industrial raw sounds with junk metal percussions and DIY instruments.

He participated in a lot of festivals such as Polyfokt in Norway,DataBitMe in France and MultiRAID in Turkey.

He creates music for visuals and also works as sound engineer.

Running a cassette label Q.P Records.