Saturday | 16.09.17  
Past Show
Show Time
TBA   (Door 00:00)
Traaped Album Premier
Kater Blau | Holzmarktstra├če 25, 10243 Berlin

It is the value that, probably, is more likely to be missing in the
surrounding electronic music scene. Selling, selling and selling are not differential factors anymore. Come on, the one who sells more is not a better artist.

From this premise we started last summer when we left one of the multiple existential crises that every music producer deals with. The concepts, the quality, the work: everything could and should be an issue.

Making music, organising parties and mixing both concepts are not, today’s differential elements. We began to feel that we were in the comfort zone. And we have not come this far to get to the end of this long race, not even in the middle of it.

What if we write a record all together and we play it live? This has been done since the radio gave voice to the music, nothing new around here. But then, why not every one does it? Those who came from a live music background were used to rehearsing, practicing to perfection, we need train ourselves. Also accustomed to carry all the gear, sound checks until getting the best in each occasion, to the heat of a human interpretation of the music.

Therefore, we enter to a studio marathon to compose and produce all the music together, and thus, we began to give birth to our future album as a band. After intense months of work, we have captured more than an hour of completely new material, with our concerns, personalities and diverse styles of four minds who want to make the most of the most authentic and experimental meaning of the word ‘live’.

That said, Depaart Live is born, a concept where we want to make the public feel that electronic music also has a dynamic and real live. A show where the artist risks, conveying to the public that what is being cooked on top of that stage is completely unique and will not sound the same the next time.

We are Traaped.