Friday | 07.06.19  
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20:00   (Door 19:00)
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Kantine am Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243
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Chamberlain (US, Doghouse/Topshelf/Arctic Rodeo Recordings)
Support: Sunday Inn (Berlin), Scott Ritcher – Solo (The Metroschifter) (US, Doghouse)

Nach 22 Jahren zum ersten Mal wieder live in Europa!

Türen: 19:00 Uhr // Beginn: 20:00 Uhr

Das Konzert ist ausverkauft!


Indianapolis-reared rock act Chamberlain will return to Europe this spring for its first run of overseas performances since 1996.

Featuring original members vocalist David Moore, guitarists Adam Rubenstein and Clay Snyder, bassist Curtis Mead and drummer Charlie Walker, Chamberlain will return to the stage June 1st for performances in the UK, Belgium and Germany.

Chamberlain’s members first played together as teenagers in the seminal Midwestern band Split Lip. With their passionate songs and poetic lyrics, the Doghouse albums For the Love of the Wounded (1993) and Fate’s Got a Driver (1995) helped define the emerging emo-core genre and influenced such future stars as Thursday, the Gaslight Anthem, Taking Back Sunday, Rise Against, New Found Glory and the Get Up Kids.

In 1995, the group changed its name to Chamberlain and introduced a refined, rootsier sound exemplified by The Moon My Saddle. The album was recorded at the famed Echo Park Studios in Bloomington, Ind., and recasts Moore’s insightful narratives against a backdrop of crunchy heartland rock and slow-burning, piano-and-organ-flecked ballads.

Chamberlain disbanded in 2000, with its members moving on to a variety of other musical pursuits in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville and Indianapolis. The group briefly reunited in 2009 to celebrate the hardcore retrospective book Burning Fight, and played a handful of shows with the Gaslight Anthem and Avail’s Tim Barry in 2010. Last year, the band celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Moon My Saddle with a string of dates in the midwest and east coast, culminating this December in Los Angeles.

In addition to the upcoming European performances, Chamberlain is also at work on its first new music since disbanding, with further details to be announced.