Thursday | 13.06.19  
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Brabrabra (IT/JP, Ber, Kitchen Leg records) is a Berlin based girl group. Susanna, Saiko and Federica are three good friends that started to play together in Federica’s Wohnzimmer just for fun. Their lives were weird enough that they could write songs about it, with irony, cynicism and tenderness together. Brabrabra had their debut when Saiko’s brother, Tatsumi, unknowingly organized a gig for them in Feb 2012. After that, BBB played many shows, among them Torstrasse Festival 2013, they played with Maher Shalal Hash Bash, R Stevie Moore, Synaesytesie Festival 2017 and more. Their debut album “Mango” in Dec 2013, was also Kitchen Leg records’ first release. After a long hiatus, BBB released a 7?‘ in 2018 (“Lagooona”) and toured Japan. And, here, some words of True love: “Playful, like 1979. Playful, like crafting beautiful sensitive slightly ironic pop music doesn’t have to be a chore. Playful, like Electrelane. Wild, like Tobi Vail.” (Everett True on Collapse Board).


The meaning of “Takkiduda” is the power of the universe’s love, which evolves and leads everything to happiness.
We can just look forward and recognize that every single thing happening to us is happiness. We aim the coexistence with nature, civilization and machinery in a better balance.
Our performance is absolute improvisation such as most primitive style. We make our sounds based on the animal instinct of the natural human beings.
“Quruku” and “Ico” are imaginary performers, who are created by our programming. They record and reproduce sounds freely away from human intention. By joining them our music becomes more accidental and full of uncertainties.
Not only the music, we display digital images also impromptu besides the sounds to make our performance more impressive.
We try to create a work with the viewpoint of “experience of space”. We try to express with our performance the peaceful world filled of love with coexisting nature, civilization and machinery.


Singer-Storyteller from Berlin, loves shrimp flavor and 90bpm, shoulder pads, David Foster Wallace and Woopie Goldberg.