Thursday | 05.03.20  
Past Show
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21:00   (Door 19:00)
8MM Bar | Schönhauser Allee 177b, 10119 Berlin, Germany

The David Watts Foundation presents:

05.03.2020 – 7PM

FFO: Fontaines DC, The Parrots, Los Tones

Black Maracas is a band that came out because of the creative anxiety of Adrián A.k.a Dilly Child, that began his adventures showing the world his acid songs along with three members of the Spanish band Los Nastys as his companion band.
Black Maracas published their first LP in March 2019, under the name of PREHISTORIC GHOST, and the video of their song Crazy Maraca, published in the musical press MONDO SONORO. The first LP was recorded together with Los Nastys.
Black Maracas’ music is mix of garage, psychedelia and darkness.

In all their trajectory they have played in numerous venues and festivals in Spain and France, including a Portuguese tour, RATS Cup Festival in Biarritz, Zaragoza Psych Fest, and they have shared stage with band as La Femme, Las Robertas and Aj Davila. Their songs have been played in Spanish RADIO, and they have been praised in the Spanish press.
They are now preparing the recording of their second LP that plans to get out in march 2020.