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???????? tour 2020: ??????? / Malevolent Creation/Konkhra

After their sold-out comeback live show in Kyiv, ??????? by Krzysztof Drabikowski will return to both Poland and Western Europe on their ???????? Tour 2020, to promote their latest album, “????????” (“Panihida”). The band will be accompanied by Death Metal legend from the USA – Malevolent Creation.

??????? (black/doom metal, Poland)

The success of the “Litourgiya” album (2015) electrified the world of extreme metal. From an anonymous project of Krzysztof Drabikowski, ??????? has become one of the most popular Metal bands in the world. This was caused by their extraordinary fusion of Black Metal sound and the orthodox esthetics, which appeared impressive on the album, as well as on the band’s live performances that can be described as musical ceremonies. Four years after their debut album ??????? returns with their new record. “????????” is a blasphemous take on the orthodox mourning service. You will have another chance to experience this unique atmosphere of dark eastern rituals during the band’s live shows at the turn of January, February and March.

??????? „????????” (full album stream):

Malevolent Creation (Death Metal, USA)
For diehard Metal fans, this band needs no further introduction. Malevolent Creation has shaped this extreme music genre for three decades, which makes them one of its most uncompromised representatives.

Despite many line-up changes, the music of Phil Fasciana’s (guitar) band has always represented the essence of Death Metal: brutality, intensity and a certain dose of catchiness. You can hear that on their remarkable debut album, “The Ten Commandments” (1991), as well as on their later albums, such as “Stillborn” (1993), “The Fine Art of Murder” (1998) or “Dead Man’s Path” (2015). The latter was the last album recorded with late Brett Hoffman (RIP) on vocals. In 2019 the band released another bone breaker, titled “The 13th Beast”, with fully justifies their rank of Mike Tyson of Death Metal.

„Release the Soul” (Official Video):

KONKHRA (Death metal, DK)
Even though Denmark may be synonymous with King Diamond and Lars Ulrich in the first place, it certainly has its quality death metal representation. Konkhra is the leader of the pack. Having celebrated 30 years of its formation, the band released its most recent album titled “Alpha and the Omega” in 2019. Throughout the years, Konkra has hosted such renowned names in its ranks as James Murphy (Death, ex-Testament) ora Chris Kontos (ex-Machine Head). After several dates in their homeland, it’s time for the Danes to assault the rest of the Continent during Panihida Tour 2020!

“Alpha and the Omega” (full stream):