Monday | 20.05.19  
Past Show
Show Time
20:00   (Door 19:00)
Schokoladen | Ackerstraße 169, 10115

presented by Oben & ANTIME

Bad Stream Live A/V (Antime)

Having grown up with and on the internet, Martin Steer from Berlin has transformed its pull into a concept album that is just as immediate and intangible as the digital world.
Bad Stream is guitars and machines vanishing in the spaces between Radiohead, Apparat and Nine Inch Nails only to reemerge amidst noise, IDM, and psychedelic.
Bad Stream, then, is his modus operandi – a soundtrack to the feelings of anxiety, isolation, and cynicism within the neoliberal cyberspace and to that strangely numbing
comfort of bodies transmuting into zeros and ones in real time. In his multipolar live shows Bad Stream is deconstructing his vision of sound into a unique experience which
is breaking down all boundaries between pop, experimental and visual art.

Bad Stream

Lindred Live A/V

Hyper-emotional electronic music, glistening melodies with elastic vocals. Coming from the oppressively hot and conservative climate of South Texas,
her music honors your 12-year-old inner goth, manifested in digital noise and disembodied voices of longing.