Thursday | 22.08.19  
Past Show
Show Time
21:00   (Door 20:30)
Loophole | Boddinstraße 60, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Welcome to the debut live appearance of the mysterious Berlin artist, Arya Zappa, who has so far released two singles ‘Words’ and ‘Goodbye’. Stay tuned for more music in the fall!

“‘Goodbye’ is minimal yet theatrical and hauntingly beautiful, characterized by darkly toned and plotted synths and Zappa’s brooding and androgynous vocals, full of subtle, evocative phrasing. When the song reaches the crescendos of the choruses, the song balloons with grandiosity and soars among the night sky with a dramatic flair not far removed from the glam works of Bowie’s early seventies output.” – Counterzine (

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