Sunday | 20.01.19  
Past Show
Show Time
TBA   (Door 16:00)
Arkaoda | Karl-Marx-Platz 16-18, 12043

The itinerant Archipel Stations Community Radio is hosted by arkaoda Berlin, a berliner (inspired by the turkish) venue in the search for the new and different, supporting independent music and art and working with like-minded people, collectives and organisations.

In the spirit of the archipelagic thought, the webradio Archipel stations Arkaoda on January 20th between 16:00 and 01:00, blending a variety of content, formats and languages produced all over the world. The program includes ideas and sounds of all places and traditions, music, storytelling (fictional and non-fictional), art pieces, readings, podcasts of sociopolitical, ecological, comic, therapeutic, scientific, artistic and experimental content, and much more, including some live acts.

We also take the opportunity to launch our monthly special, The Eternal Raga Cycle, a generative program by Niko De Paula Lefort broadcasting a continuous stream of Ragas from a catalog constituted in collaboration with Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand, and comprising an extensive selection of recordings from the Dresden Museum of Ethnology’s collection.

List of shows (in alphabetical order – line up available on January 15th):

Aural Maps, by Niko De Paula Lefort (live)

Blowin’ Ellington McLaughlington and His Out Of Chicago Nice Guys (live)

Cavidad, by Cècile Brousse, Natalia Ramírez Puschel & Angela
Muñoz Martínez( Angela Etcetera) (live)

Electronic live coded music, performed by Alexandra Cárdenas (live remotely from Spain)

family archive and its histories within the liminality of time and space, by nomadicArt

Green Book Travel LA- South Carolina, by Charmaine Bee

Hard Disk Orphan Mashup, by Hannes Hoelzl

jonas & the imaginary band, Jonas Löllmann

jonas.san’s mixtape(s)

Location Essence Essentials, by Cody Putman

Nomad‘s Wanderlust, by DJ Nomad (Hans Reuschl)

Outsider Sounds with Jaquil du Spencer

Professor Tragichord’s ‘Palestras de Palermas’, by Pascal Ansell (Lillian Tragichord)

Queer Frequency Modulation – Looking After the Future, by Kara Keeling, Rita Frank, Katrin Köppert, Arik Kofranek, Victor Negri, Carol Neumann, Alongkorn Phochanapan, Lea Taragona, and Pooneh Eftekhari Yekta.

Sonic Cyberfeminisms @ Wysing Arts Centre, by Annie Goh, Marie Thompson, Robin Buckley, Marlo De Lara, Jane Frances Dunlop, Natalie Hyacinth, Miranda Iossifidis, Louise Lawlor, Frances Morgan and Shanti Suki Osman.

STORY FOR FOOD The Radio Show (live), STORY for FOOD

Sundown / Ocaso, by Ela Spalding

The Eternal Raga Cycle. by Niko de Paula Lefort with Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand

The journey backwards / LE VOYAGE À L’ENVERS, by Stéphane Querrec (Querrec Stephane)

Viajad Viajad Malditos, by Sonsoles Lozano

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