Thursday | 20.02.20  
Past Show
Show Time
21:00   (Door 20:30)
Loophole | Boddinstraße 60, 12053 Berlin, Germany

This is going to be a really special one. Machines are emerging from die Dunkelheit to take over and bring you into another dimension. Don’t miss this opportunity to let go and allow the robots to take control!

Rù (Dj Set)
Ruggero Cavazzini AKA Rù, italian Dj and producer based in Berlin is gonna play some funky beats to entartain you, move your caderas and take you through a nice journey through all the night

Desert Fox Radio (Live)
Desert Fox Radio (DFR) is an improvised experimental sound collaboration using percussion, electro-acoustic instruments, amplified objects, feedback and modulated voice. Each performance uses a different textual material – for this edition Edgar Allan Poe’s Tell-tale Heart will be our departure point.

Txintxu (Live with AV)
TXTX is an electronic music producer who is going to play live with a set up composed of a synth, a bass line machine and a drum machine plus loops of his own music. III is about creation, and making something astounding out of the resources available. In order to utilize the meaning of III to do this, it requires a relaxed, playful attitude.
It will be accompanied by the outsanding visual work of Chrystyna, member of the VJ Open Lab.