Thursday | 14.02.19  
Past Show
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TBA   (Door 20:30)
Donau115 | Donaustr. 115, 12043 Berlin, Germany

5 Go Adventuring Again

Fredrik Lundin – saxophones
Tomasz Dabrowski – trumpet
Petter Hängsel – trombone, synth
Joel Illerhag- bass
Anders Provis – acoustic and electric drums
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With the quintet FIVE GO ADVENURING AGAIN, Lundin has created unique a “small” band with a very large sound. The five musicians take advantage of the orchestra’s sound possibilities, and in the compositions, provide ample space to utilize their improvisational potential. The explosive music is tempered by the Polish trumpeter Tomasz Dabrowski, two Swedes: Petter Hängsel on trombone/synthhezeizer and Joel Illerhag on the bazantar (a homemade double bass with resonance strings), and two Danes: Anders Provis on acoustic and electric drums, and the Maestro himself on various saxophones.

For Fredrik Lundin, the mission has always been about telling stories. What captures him is the emotional impact of music, and he has just written a slew of new material with a voice that embraces 50 years of inspiration, from James Blake to Jon Balke, from Bela Bartok to T-Bone Burnett, and from Paul Bley to Leadbelly.

He creates an almost cinematic universe that forges poignant images on the listener’s inner canvas – from drum’n’bass to free-form jazz, from dark Nordic jazz ballads to light and lyrical Americana. All gathered in a powerful and refined musical landscape that demonstrates the whole of of Lundin’s emotional expression palate, from sharp lyricism to frantic expressionism. Once again, Fredrik exhibits his great skills as a composer and band leader, presented on an album with many nuances and deep layers, but also not without humour.

Quotes from a few of the many reviews:
“…. so wirkt die ganze Musik der Platte auf mich, Assoziation erweckend, Bilder malend, die ganze Facette von Eindrücken jeder Art, die durch erweckte Emotionen entstehen können, freisetzend. Lundin und seine Mitstreiter haben es verstanden, einen Bilderbogen zu entwerfen, der als Ausfluss ihres Ideenreichtums und ihrer Kreativität umwerfend ist. Im noch jungen Jahr wird diese Platte in meiner Bestenliste Jazz des Jahres 2018 auf jeden Fall dabei sein.”
Musik an sich (Wolfgang Giese) 20 point (= 19 bis 20 Überflieger)

Das Album hat auch zeitweise diesen etwas dunklen, bedrohlichen Sound, den das Plattencover erahnen lässt, macht aber damit alle Liebhaberinnen und Liebhaber von Thrillern und düsteren Krimis glücklich, mit Bebop, Rock und faszinierendem Quintet Jazz.
bak – Concerto (Östereich)

“Overall this is an incredible album, full of superb music and virtuosic performances, which deserves to be heard by as many music connoisseurs around the world as possible.”
“It is also a monumental road sign as to the future of Jazz..”
Adam Baruch -The Soundtrack of My Life

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