?? / Glintshake are a remarkable band. Driven by the twin forces of singer and guitarist Ekaterina (Katya) Shilonosova and guitarist Yevgeni (Jenya) Gorbunov, and propelled by a fearsome rhythm section in Yegor Sargsyan and Alexey Yevlano, this Moscow-based five piece make intelligent and forward-thinking rock music with a breathtaking skill and verve.
An incredibly charismatic live act, if still something of a secret outside Russia, ?? / Glintshake’s sound is one of driving rhythms and chiming guitar duels fuelled by an unquenchable appetite for sonic experiment and risk, plus a humour and wit that need no translation.
?? / Glintshake their first debut EP Freaky Man in 2012. The early EPs and debut album, Eyebones (2014) were sung in English and initially owed a lot to classic American and British slacker rock from the 1990s. In 2015 the band began to perform their songs in Russian. This process came full circle with the release of the Russian-language LP, (the LP title being a cryptic acronym in Russian). The LP followed a press release marking the death of good old Glintshake and a phonetic Cyrillic addition to the name (гш is a hissing sound, pronounced gshh), cementing the bands witty and playful reputation. Their third LP, (Benefit) is scheduled for release in November 2018 and will be available at the show.
“Probably the most pure entertainment-!wow! of the groups I saw“ Simon Reynolds
“The band are so fantastically intense. Its ferocious. yet nuanced and intelligent and full of great detail and the energy of ideas and a perfect tension“ John Robb
“They are the perfect pop band and a reminder of the capacity for post-punk to reinvented in the hands of those who have something definite, hopeful or urgent to say“ The Quietus