Starting this month, March, in the year of our Lord, 2019, Schmutz will be hosting our own radio segment on KCRW Berlin. We’ll be chatting about what artists and bands are coming through Berlin and who we really think you should go check out. Oh and how much Nolan like pop music. What’s up Mariah. Check out the online segment¬†here¬†and catch it live on KCRW Berlin 104.1 FM.

Here are just a few of the shows you should check out in March:


Health//Born In Flamez – SO36Doja Cat – Gretchen

Gaahls Wyrd//Tribulation//Idle Hands – Bi Nuu

Anthony Coleman – KM28

Federico Albanese – silent green

Kate Carr//Melanie Velarde – KM28

Xiu Xiu – Kantine am Berghain

Baby Satan 1 Year – Urban Spree

Sumac//Baptists – Zukunft am Ostkreuz

Material Girls – Monarch

Dylan Carlson – Cassiopeia