In an alternate reality, today would have been spent making last-minute edits to our mixes, filling our piñatas with goodies, and decking the halls of arkaoda with tacky decor for this evening’s festivities. Alas, in our crummy timeline, the Schmutz Magazine 2 Year Extravanganza has been canceled and frankly, the world has far greater things to be concerned with. But even in the throes of a global catastrophe, our greatest concern is still your entertainment, by whatever means necessary. In lieu of a live celebration, please accept this supplementary Virtual Party,” a collection of treats from the talented artists that would’ve had you writhing until the wee hours of Saturday. Party favors not included.


You may remember that we had invited King Softy to close the dancefloor, one of the masterminds behind futurist-electronic label, INDEX:Records. In celebration of the party that never was, they have been generous enough to organize a giveaway of some of their catalog’s deepest digital cuts, as well as three vinyl editions of Amos’ Flat, the latest album from VASE. The three-part album was released as a collaboration between INDEX:Records and Opal Tapes: an odyssey of sonic maneuvers through ambient, bass and IDM. This trilogy reveals VASE dissecting compositions down to sparse rhythmic explorations, disruptive power shifts, and nebulous bass bliss. Giveaway details to be found on accompanying social media posts.


The multimedia power-couple doesn’t seem like the type to squander a quarantine. Just as the city was closing down and binge-watching Netflix, they were busy releasing the cosmic sequel to SIDEWORK VOL. 1. The album continues the frenetic, extraterrestrial jungle that was heard on its prequel. While it isn’t free, it is absolutely worth the scratch you saved by not coming to our party.


We’re genuinely bummed that we don’t get to see what Sidepony had in store for the evening, given the diverse breadth of her collection. As a meager consolation, Laurel can be heard here performing at the latest Gelee Royale party with partner in grime, Thom. The build is slow and the reward, great.