We here at Schmutz have been hustling hard these past months to make sure that you, our faithful disciples, have access to the cream of the musical crop. This spring is about to be a big one. We’ve partnered with the likes of Greyzone, Landstreicher, Loft, Melt! Booking, Powerline Agency, PuschenSwamp Booking and Trinity to present the choicest tunes to glide into your ear holes. Don’t be shy, peep the links below to enter and win tix to all of these bangers.

We’ve got more in the pipeline and the easiest way for you to keep up with all this hullabaloo is via our email subscription and Facebook, so don’t sleep.

Kid Francescoli

Badehaus | 02.03.2018

Taking big notes from the early French yé-yé and chanson singers of the 60s but also from the contemporary dance floors of Scandinavia, Kid Francescoli will be cutting shapes with us at Badehaus on March 2nd. Don’t be fooled by their laid back feel on the record, their live show is an absolute party, Fransch is the language of luv after all…

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The Garden

Musik & Frieden | 07.03.2018

Growing from roots with Burger Records, The Garden will be taking Berlin by storm this March. These twin brothers dig deep to deliver chunky garage-pop so infectious you’ll be buzzing for weeks after the gig. If you miss this garden party you’re sure to be pushing up daisies soon.

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Candice Gordon

Kantine am Berghain | 16.03.2018

A little bit psych, a little bit country, a little bit doom, we’re in love with Frau Gordon’s sound. At times playful, at times ritualistic, the visuals that accompany Candice Gordon’s music always give you a better insight to where she’s coming from but not always where she’s headed to next.

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No Age

Urban Spree | 22.03.2018

Walls, walls,walls of noise are always to be expected from this powerful duo out of L.A. Hot off the tail of their new album, Snares Like A Haircut, No Age will prove to you they are at the top of their game as always. No Age has played the biggest festivals the world over and has shared stages with all of your favorite bands, seeing them in an intimate setting like Urban Spree will be a real treat.

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Decibelles | Tanning Bats

Urban Spree | 26.03.2018

Another duo from France but much heavier hitting, these belles should not be fucked with. Pummeling you with big drums and cutting you up with sharp riffs, you won’t be able to walk once the Decibelles are finished with ya. Don’t forget that hometown heroes the Tanning Bats will be digging your grave before the Decibelles push you in.

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Bell Witch | Monarch

Urban Spree | 09.04.2018

I, the Witchfinder, summon thee to the altar of doom on the eve the blood moon has reached its apex, aka Urban Spree on March 4th. Seattle doom duo, Bell Witch, are always something to behold. It isn’t everyday these Cascadian brethren unshroud themselves in the blackened streets of Berlin.

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The Blow

Kantine am Berghain | 09.04.2018

I peaked in high school when I first discovered The Blow, but they have kept growing artistically and maybe even in stature. Bringing back all the feels and bolstering your emotional capacity to where you can fight back, The Blow will have you off the wall the second they take the stage.

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Bi Nuu | 11.04.2018

Dear Ozzy,
It’s me Nolan. I know we haven’t spoken in a while but if you want me to continue listening to Master of Reality every day, you have to give me a live show worthy of The Wizard.

*sends Earthless*

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Jamie Stewart (of Xiu Xiu)

Roter Salon – Volksbühne | 14.04.2018

I was just sucked into a Youtube click hole and discovered that Jamie Stewart has recorded covers of Rihanna, Tracy Chapman, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Suicide and The Pussycat Dolls. Perhaps most importantly he has covered Queen and Bowie’s “Under Pressure” with M. Gira of Swans. Here’s hoping that he plays all of these songs along with “Fabulous Muscles” in April.

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HEADS. | Gewalt

Badehaus | 14.04.2018

Remember listening to Shellac or The Jesus Lizard for the first time? That feeling will return once you give HEADS. a go. The boys from Berlin and Hamburg won’t hesitate to destroy you at Badehaus this April, be prepared.

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Prince Charles | 17.04.2018

Black, queer, emotional. serpentwithfeet was one of the best shows of 2017 and almost exactly a year later, we are so pleased to bring back this golden throated vocalist. Though we haven’t seen any solo works since the collaboration with The Haxen Cloak in 2016, we received a little treat in the form of a track with Björk and Arca a few months ago.

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Lightning Bolt | The Body

Festsaal Kreuzberg | 29.04.2018

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. We think they’re wrong. Lightning Bolt and The Body are two forces of energy that will be lighting up Festsaal on one crushing night at the end of April. The Body are buds based in Portland, Cascadia and will truly destroy you over the course of their live set.

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U.S. Girls

Kantine am Berghain | 03.05.2018

The poly-pop outfit U.S. Girls have taken the world political climate to heart and aren’t afraid to voice their concerns. All of this set to some of the most catchy hooks that will sure to be an Ohrwurm for weeks to come.

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Bette Smith

Quasimodo | 08.05.2018

Free your mind and your ass will follow. We firmly believe that Bette Smith is going to free all of us. After a rescheduled show, we are so ready to groove with Smith and her players. Don’t be afraid, she’s just trying to funk you up.

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Musik & Frieden | 13.05.2018

The two mainstays of Grails are prolific to say the least. Emil Amos and Alex hall have been involved with Grails, Om, Lilacs & Champagne, Holy Sons, Scout Niblett and their solo projects respectively. Amos also released his dark cinematic full length last year, Filmmusik. Don’t forget yer jazz cigarettes kids.

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Along with the shows that we’re presenting, we also have two in the back pocket for good old fashioned ticket raffles…

Tera Melos

Musik & Frieden | 10.04.2018

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Festsaal Kreuzberg | 13.06.2018

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