Have you heard? There’s a lot of good news coming out of Berlin right this second: a) there is a brand new Berlin record label called Baby Satan Records b) they’re releasing their first label compilation on March 28th, entitled Satanic Babes and Other Friends (henceforth hailed as SBOF), and c) they’re having a release party at our beloved 8MM on March 29th!

The “stoned cheerleader” label-heads have compiled some of the scuzziest, fuzziest trash we’ve heard in a devil’s age and we thought we’d inform you cult babies what’s good. With bands and artists from Berlin, Greece, Israel, Poland and the US, this 15-track humdinger is all killer with no filler. Here’s a rundown of our favorite stompers:

The Israeli electronic trash freakout that is HYNOM will do just that, freak you the fuck out. Dizzying electronics crashing over hectic, technical drums that will blister the inner most crevices of your ears until you explode from the pleasure-pus inside your brain.

The first single of the compilation is from the Berlin-based chanteuses, Bechamel (lecker name, oder?). This 60’s garage banger would stand up to any Sonics song in a fight or steal a cheeky kiss from any France Gall tune. We’ve had “Je Ne Sais Pas” on repeat for hours, really.

We know literally nothing about Sissy Johnny except the fact that we love their track “Cried Nights/Cried Dayz”. That’s it, really.

The Hollow Man is evil and we love it. Western doom-goth Soundtrack is a genre right? With “Theme From ‘Evil Behind My Eyes'” we’re a little bit scared, a little bit turned on. The track is a haunting slow groove with doom-jazz drums and swirling drones reminiscent of Bohren & der Club of Gore at their oozing peak.

The compilation will be available on tapes red as the devil’s eye at the release party and online the same day. And you can bet that I’ll be spinning some of these jams at the Schmutz Magazine Launch Party on the 31st. We’re really looking forward to hearing more from this label and these artists.

Check out the full stream here

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