Alas, the fictional character of Father Murphy has arrived at his final resting place. The two heralds of Father Murphy’s life and death are the Italian mystics, Chiara Lee and Freddie Murphy. The tale that is Father Murphy has been spun over the course of fifteen years and with this final album, Rising. A Requiem for Father Murphy, eleven releases.

A myriad of labels have been thrown around concerning where Father Murphy falls on the musical spectrum: nightmarish, classical punk, cult, etc. Father Murphy are without doubt a musical entity based in ritual and religion. Lee and Murphy have said that “Father Murphy is the sound of the Catholic sense of Guilt. A downward spiral aiming at the bottom of the hollow, and then digging even deeper.” We couldn’t agree more.

Rising. begins its final march with the drums of impending doom that are “Inroit”. These percussive signals of the end are accompanied by a growing scratching, almost as if a cart is being dragged somewhere in medieval times. Somewhere you’re not sure you want to go but know you need to investigate.

We hear the unique vocal prayers of Lee and Murphy on the second eulogy on Rising., “Kyrie Eleison”. There’s something wholly unique about the harmonies and disharmonies these two create. No matter with whom they collaborate or in what situation you find yourself when you hear them, you know it’s them.

The crackling fire and electronic hissing of “Offertory” usher in the second half of the album and leads directly into the warm orchestral drones of “Sanctus.” Is this the sounds of the pit orchestra warming up to play for the wake of a funeral?

Father Murphy will deliver their final sermon in Berlin at the chapel arkaoda on April 13th in the year of our lord, 2018. Rising. will be released shortly thereafter on April 20th by the inimitable AVANT! Records.

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