Q3Ambientfest (Q3A) is only in its second year but has already firmly established itself as a summit of minds and ideas, taking its name from the communist-era buildings “Querwandbau” (cross-wall constructions). Reflecting its namesake, Q3A has taken it upon itself to construct a space and time where people from outside of Germany, outside of Europe, and outside of the northern hemisphere can come together to express and observe the creative process.

Q3A is taking place from April 13th to the 15th at Fabrik Potsdam, just outside of Berlin. Meticulously curated by the Potsdam-based musical project CEEYS, Q3A is something not to be missed by those turned on by ambient, avant-garde, neo-classical, or compositional music.

Schmutz is lucky enough to have been asked to premiere the following Q3A 2018 trailer featuring music by CEEYS and video production by Daniel Selke:

We’ve also put together a little guide of some of our favorite artists performing at this year’s Q3A. As if that wasn’t enough, we also have a set of tickets to give away. Enter the raffle here.

Friday, April 13th

Carlos Cipa

This young composer is Based in München and attended the University of Music and Performing Arts in the southern German capital, his piano works come from uniquely and wholly 21st century. Cipa’s debut album, The Monarch and the Viceroy, was released in 2012 on Berlin’s own Denovali Records.


Post-rock drones and ambient compositions combined to form the perfect tension on this Flemish composer’s pragmatically titled, sophomore album, #2. Illuminine mixed this 2017 beauty at the Sigur Rós studio Sundlaugin in Iceland. A new album is slated for a late 2018 release.

Marina Baranova

This virtuoso of Baroque piano delivers delicate yet punchy and emotional performances. The Ukrainian born, German based Baranova is a child prodigy of sorts; being accepted into and finishing music academies well before her age should have allowed. Her solo performance at the festival is sure to delight and awe.

Saturday, April 14th


Brothers, musicians, curators, East Germans, Germans. There is a lot of duality swirling around the Brothers Selke, aka CEEYS, and the music they create. Classical music backgrounds with an eye on the future. As the curators of Q3A a special thank you giving out to these two.

Andrea Belfi

Coming from several different directions at once, Italian-born Andrea Belfi creates often atonal music. Percussions, drones, and experimental electronics are to be expected. But watch closely or you might miss something.

Christoph Berg

Ever been curious about orchestral film music? Here is your chance to see it live. Berlin-based Christoph Berg produces music so full of emotional energy that you can cut the tension with a knife.

Sunday, April 15th

Masayoshi Fujita

The intensely beautiful layers of drone and harmony that Masayoshi Fujita creates with his lead instrument, the vibraphone, will hold you entirely captive. We are in for a treat from the Berlin-based Japanese composer and his haunting mallet work.

Paddy Mulcahy

The Limerick City, Ireland producer and composer pushes and pulls his electronics to emotionally take his hardware in new and sometimes overwhelming places. When taking a look at his piano work, Paddy has a soft touch and isn’t afraid to let the music lead him in directions not always expected.

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