Our dear friends at Impression Recordings recently approached us with their concept for a studio session: carefully curated artists from across the musical spectrum, captured with an unpretentious style but backed with proper sound production. Naturally, we were more than happy to be involved. Berlin has no shortage of talented artists that are either based here or just passing through. The generous type that we are, we want to share our good fortune with you in the form of these candid studio sessions. All of the sessions are shot and recorded at Impression Recordings in Berlin.

Our first session is with rising star and general sweetheart, Jesper Munk. Since his first release in 2013, Munk has asserted his talent across several genres. Rather than getting too comfortable with the soulful, lo-fi pop he started with, he has sampled various styles with lighthearted enthusiasm. The unifying characteristic across all releases is his impressive maturity for such a young artist. For the inaugural Impression Session, Munk and his backing band shared with us Reepberbahn from his 2015 album, CLAIM. Enjoy.

If this tickles your fancy, you can catch him October 29th at Huxley’s Neue Welt.