The quiet storm that is Noah Klein’s new EP is moving on a fundamental level. The Berlin native uses a subtle mix of live instrumentation, MIDI pads, analogue synthesizers and the natural soft smoke of his voice to convey the pulse of the world through his eyes.

The melancholy felt while moving through the songs on the Seasons EP seem to be tailored to autumn in Berlin. There’s a ritualistic knowledge of sadness at the loss of summer as you move into fall and winter but an underlying expectation that Spring won’t abandon us. The impending doom of a Berlin winter but the hope of a beautiful Berlin summer is felt most acutely on mid-EP slowburn ‘Cold.’ Noah Klein’s simple breaths that tell us to “hide no more” and to “keep clean, keep growing” will get us through the next 6 months of low, grey skies.

The following track, ‘Boy,’ seems to be a melancholic look into Noah’s own self reflection that we’re lucky enough to be flies on the wall for. A boy going home and grappling with what he was and what he has become. An age old tale that most can relate to. Bewitching drones and MIDI controlled drums feature heavily in ‘Boy’ to create a sense of blurred through the lense of time.

Finishing the EP is the most serene and powerful track, ‘In Season.’ Through delicate piano and voice effects, Noah Klein creates a one man choir of emotions. A growing drone emerges from the background that falls away at its peak to leave Klein’s voice alone with the piano and a beautiful finish. A track that has been on repeat for us for weeks.

Noah Klein unfortunately doesn’t have any upcoming show dates in Berlin. But you can believe that we’ll keep you informed when he does.

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