It’s 2018 and the vibrations are high. So much new music is slated to see the light of day this year and Schmutz is ready. Here’s a little list of some of the new favorites. This edition of N&N features both music videos and sound clips. Enjoy and don’t die.

Sinister Bodies of Water


This is a song about fear, fear of oneself, fear of thoughts, fear of loss, fear of the knife and fear of everything. Appearing on the album titled ‘When The Knife Calls’ out now on Out Of Sound Records.


United Kindom

Big, fuzzy psych. We’re into the sounds that Sunstinger has been pumping out and hope they hop over to Berlin soon. Check out their video for their single Polarized and don’t get too freaked out.

Bow & Spear


This ain’t no Radiohead song… Creeps, the first single from Bow & Spear is heavy grunge with big drones in the background that can be likened to MBV. Don’t you dare pass up their live shows.

Alex Halka, Andrei Raicu & Vlaicu Golcea


Luvborg is a raw imaginary soundscape of the digital noise we all got accustomed with. This track is made mostly by sampling vintage modified radios. Maybe we’ll see them at Berlin Atonal in 2018?



Beautiful soundscapes that keep you on the edge of your seats. The track feels like an interpretation of ancient external beauty put through the wringer of the digital age.



Encompassing heart-wrenching melodies, ethereal vocals and soaring string arrangements, Seelie—the new album by CLANN—is a beautiful accomplishment. Schmutz would love to see them in one of Berlin’s grand music halls.

Sonny Baker


The song is about becoming too comfortable with the everyday routine you can fall into – too comfortable to make any changes in your life. Too comfortable to achieve what you’ve always wanted, etc. Life gets mundane, let’s make changes.

Bitter Pill


You can’t help but cut a shape to this little diddy. I would imagine that this cut could be played for a horde of dancing vets in a club or live in a basement for your best friends. Get off the wall!

The Rotten Mangos


It’s 3 PM on a perfect Summer afternoon. The sun is shining bright and the birds are chirping in the distance. You’re laying in an open field, without a thing to do until the moon comes up and the fireflies come out to play. You close your eyes and take a deep breath. Euphoria. Texas psychedelic rockers, The Rotten Mangos, have captured that deep fulfillment and put it to tape in their honey-dripping new single, “In Love With The Afternoon”.

Steve Blum


Phases is a series of minimalist classical-inspired pieces for synthesizer. Bridging the gap between new classical music, classical electronic music, and the improvised avant garde, this suite approaches the idea of synthesizer as instrument.