Attempting to stay abreast on new music can be downright exhausting, which is why we started New & Notable. N&N is where we aggregate our latest finds from across the world, so you can catch what’s good at a glance. Keep an eye on our Spotify channel, where compile monthly playlists out of everything you find here.



We’re always happy to see something fresh coming from the Trentemøller camp. For this latest release, Anders is accompanied by NY-based singer/songwriter, Linda Tullgren, who feels right at home over Trentemøller’s melancholic composition. The single for “In The Garden” is out now, but the LP, Obverse, is due in September on hfn music.



Seabiscuit is hypnotic and minimalist instrumental jams that we might try to relate to Battles or Floating Points, but ultimately they’re hard to pin down. The new project out of Gothenburg shows lots of promise and has us greatly looking forward to the their full length coming out in August.

Bibi Club


The parallels between Bibi Club and the pioneers of dream pop are undeniable. The young project out of Montreal reminds us of the best aspects of Beach House and Best Coast, while still managing to be fresh and captivating. Have a listen and embrace the whimsy.

Grey Mcmurray

United States

This soulful cut will do well with fans of serpentwithfeet and James Blake. Off the upcoming release on Brooklyn’s figureight records in September, “Wanting Ways” has us locked in.

Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners

United States

Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners is a throwback to mid 2000s when bands like Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, and The Cave Singers controlled the airwaves. Their folk melodies are a sincere, heartfelt, and welcome dose of nostalgia. Check out their ode to one of our favorite Cascadian towns.


United States

Inspired by lengthy trips to Highgate cemetery in north London, Catacombs is a representatively spooky track from NYC beat-maker, Skekz. The doomy composition lands somewhere between Lilacs & Champagne and something from Portishead’s (best) album, Third.


United States

Continuing the theme of dreary compositions, NOUS is yet another NYC project with ties to figureight records. The Swans-esque supergroup is the brainchild of Christopher Bono, and also features Shahzad Ismaily (Secret Chiefs 3), Greg Fox (Liturgy, Uniform, Colin Self), and Grey Mcmurray himself.


United States

Androu is a refreshing approach to hip hop. It’s lighthearted, funny, and most importantly: infectiously catchy. All of this atop a beat that slaps. This is a complete departure from his previous releases, so we’re looking forward to seeing where he goes next.

Alaska Seelachs Quartett


The Alaska Seelachs Quartett swims upstream. We’re going to attempt to describe what they’re doing as “live Deutsch-disco,” but ultimately that falls a bit short. It’s nerdy, seemingly self-aware, but extremely catchy.

Wizard Woes

United States

Wizard Woes is easygoing neo-psych out of San Diego for fans of Infinite Bisous and Neon Indian. “Sores Eyes” comes to us off their debut album on Numenor Records.