Welcome back for another edition of New & Notable, where we share some of our favorite new and deserving music with you, our loyal followers. We’re consistently impressed with how artists around the world are continuing to innovate and push boundaries beyond the restrictive confines of genres, which is why we’d like to share our findings with you here. Keep an eye on our Spotify channel, where we’ll be building monthly playlists out of everything you find here.

Joel Rampage


Reverb-soaked Gamelan bells and vinyl crackling characterize this lazy cut by Swedish producer, Joel Rampage. Circle of Twigs appeared on our plate thanks to Swedish label, HYBRIS. More goodness to be found there.


United States

Crystalline soundscapes from the United States, courtesy of myouçeej. The short-but-sweet composition will please any fans of Tim Hecker (specifically his album, Virgins).

Wild Wing

United States

Wild Wing reminds us of simpler times and will certainly cater to the disciples of Bradford Cox or Connan Mockasin. Just when you thought you had the pegged, there they go pulling out the wild cards about halfway through, earning their name and making a surprisingly delightful amalgamation of styles.



DOMUS is a brand new project out of Stockholm and is a lot of fun. In their synth and sample instrumental tracks, we’re hearing a lot of Fuck Buttons and Copy. With such a promising debut, we’re sincerely looking forward to what’s in store for them.

Spices Peculiar

United States

Spices Peculiar is using field recordings to make spooky ambient tracks in the crawlspace of their neighbor’s attic.* The serene soundscapes constantly teeter between peaceful and eerie, creating a dynamic and suspenseful rollercoaster.

*We have no evidence their music is produced in an attic.

Abc Dialect


Taking the cake for most summery track in the set is Abc Dialect’s Searching. The synth-funk ballad is the optimistic first track off their newly released EP, Real Life. If this is any indication of what real life is like, but perhaps we’ll stop moping all the time.



It’s impossible to ignore, but grunge is making a comeback in a significant way – and we’re not complaining. FLOWERS is carrying the torch with lackadaisical vocals over fuzzy tube amps with just a hint stoner-doom, making something that sounds like the best parts of Heads., Windhand, and Blackwater Holylight.

Valasse Eruva


Valasse Eruva’s Boltzmann Brains pulls is all directions at once, incorporating vaporwave, bittune, and trance elements to create something that refreshingly unique. Each track on the album take similar twists and turns, so worth having a listen through.

Cursed Days


The pulsing electronics of Cursed Days offer significantly more than your standard industrial track. We hear Author & Punisher, The Soft Moon, and Ministry – what do you think?


United States

This thoughtful and melancholic ambient track strings you a long carefully, transporting you to past winters spent staring pensively out the window. Considering Elskavon hails from the arctic tundra of Minnesota, this all makes perfect sense.