The New & Notable baby is getting older and, looking back on some of the tracks we’ve premiered on this puppy, we’re pretty proud. Heaviest of the heavy, softest of the soft, and everything in between. Thanks for sticking around thus far and for your comments and feedback. Keep on keepin’ on.



Loscil works his magic on the subtle remis of Souns Sun Inside The Sun. Perhaps a seasonally inappropriate track but sounds one can retreat to in moments of calm or when seeking calm. If the summer months become too hectic, this might be a reminder of softer times.

Christopher Willits

United States

Keeping in the minimal drone sphere, we give you Christopher Willits’ beautiful Coast. A movement to listen to while watching the sunrise over the waters of the Oregon coast. Light drones fade into one another and you forget where the track started and don’t mind where it ends.

Freak Dream


The video for Freak Dream’s Don’t Wanna Be That is demented and clever, the perfect combo for the sound they are delivering. The track itself is hard-hitting and almost danceable, truly reminiscent of These Arms Are Snakes at the height of their glory. Enjoy.


United States

Another soft delight provided to you by REW<< in the form of Corythucha Elegans. The peacefully tense drones overlaid with piano creates the perfect smooth pond for you to skip the stones of anxiety on, letting them go forever.

Japanese Television

United Kingdom

BIIIIIIIIG surf feel on Japanese Television’s new track Crocodile Dentist. This track is so up our alley that we’ll probably be using it in upcoming DJ sets. It’s trashy, fun, heavy and of another dimension, just like us!

Fritz Myers

United States

Melancholic with a spaghetti western twist, the music of Fritz Myers is film music tailor-made for the Death Waltz record label. Hunker down with a horror film, turn the volume of the film off, thrown this on and mouth the words of the characters acting on the screen. Date night sorted.

Ext Sleep


Proud to have this type of composition coming from down the road in our Heimat, Hemis is a long-build ambient ride for fans of Clint Mansell and Múm. This is the type of music to get completely lost to while staring pensively out the window.

CS Hellman

United States

CS Hellman is a Nashville music man doin’ the best that a Nashville man can. Complete with 60s church organ, in-the-pocket bass lines, and surf reverb, Delroy is a fun and captivating instrumental throwback.



‘Saudade’ seems like a suitable title for this strangely hypnotic track from Hungarian art-rock band, Kaktus. English technically fails at having an exact translation for the Portuguese word, with the closest being nostalgia or a sort of melancholic longing. Again, Kaktus nails the indescribable sentiment with this bittersweet track.

Ayumi Ishito

United States

Ayumi Ishito’s jazz stylings are hard to pin down, but we don’t think that she cares. Clown Ride hops between off-tempo free jazz and smoky lounge vibes without skipping a beat, before completely going off the rails about halfway through, eradicating any confusion as to why the track is called ‘Clown Ride.’