The weather has been glorious here in Berlin the last weeks and we thought we would throw together some tracks that have been inspiring us! Seriously, Berlin sucks in the winter and everyone who actually lives here lives for the summer AND IT’S ALMOST HERE!


United States

Coming in strong with the droned out shoegaze track that would do well situated between Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine on a mixtape for your spring fling. We’re looking forward to when they head this way (hopefully in the summer)!

Death Hags

United States

We deejayed after Death Hags show at 8MM earlier this year and we fell in love. This one’s got a massive kick while DH breaths French over the minimal arrangement. Minimal until you realize the textures that have been floating around without you noticing,

Curtis Nowosad

United States

We’ve always been massive fans of jazz and it’s so refreshing to see a bit of a renaissance happening. The genre is once again becoming more popular and jazz acts are being booked at non-jazz festivals and venues. Nowosad is no exception and a beacon for those looking to get into jazz as well as new favorites for the longtime listeners.

Ikane C.


Meditative and relaxing, this is something to put on while you lay under a blooming tree in the springtime. May we recommend a whole listen through of Ikane’s newest full length, ‘You’ve Been Here Before’ and a walk around one of your favorite outdoor areas.

Mathieu Friz Urban Jungle


The frantic piano and jilted rhythm section somehow conjure the wild and quick progression of spring into summer. Everything is happening all at once and nothing is clear but is calming and familiar. Not something to be taken lightly after nine months of winter.

Kepa Lehtinen


The often forgotten and the even more overlooked electronic instrument, the theremin, comes to life under the direction of the rising Finnish composer, Kepa Lehtinen. A delicate piano moves the piece forward while the theremin and bass drone together, emoting tears of sadness and joy. A movement to be listened to again and again.

Wendy & Karl

United States

Windy & Karl, of Kranky Records fame, are old friends of ours. Theirs is music you can listen to when in any mood, during any season of life or the year. Their latest efforts are no exception. At first, one might find the slow drones and textures unnerving or sad but could later find joy in atmospheres you didn’t at first notice.

Oumi Kapila

United States

Pulling on all the heartstrings, Oumi Kapila delivers ‘Nocturne in D Minor’ with his own sprinkle of magic in it. The dark and twisting piece takes you on a familiar ride but delivers you to a different destination than you’re used to.  Letting this now classic move over you several times is an important point in understanding where classical music has come from and where it is going.