And we’re back! The geniuses behind New & Notable had a birthday and a three-country tour but never forgot about their tens of fans who have been waiting patiently for an update. We’ve also become more hardass with our selection process for N&N, bringing you only creamiest crops out there. Enjoy, my loves.

To Life

United Kingdom

A big mood being pushed through the speakers with this one. To Life brings you to life with their impactful flavor of post-rock that I would venture to say leans more to the neoclassical side of things. The perfect soundtrack to a morning ritual.

Kevin Griffin


Whirring, breathy air reminiscent of wind rushing across a plain opens this track by Kevin Griffin. But quickly gives way to an isolating noise track that doesn’t invite you in for tea but won’t leave you out in the cold.

Paris Love-Child

United Kingdom

Coming in with that BIG UK swagger, Paris Love-Child calls out all the lames with her lyrical venom. Reference heavy that will put a smile on any Londoner’s face.

Marius ft. G.L.A.M. & KWE$T


Heavily indebted to Tyler. The Creator in the arena of flow and inflection and to early Kanye West when it comes to production. Who knew that that’s exactly what everyone has been craving?