We just realized that N&N is old enough to drive! Wow! For this edition you know we are bringing the heat (because it’s freezing out there). Artists from all over the world playing all kinds of music. Today is also the birthdays of Etta James and Virginia Woolf, so that’s cool. Enjoy!

Train ft. Kenny G.

United States

I saw Kenny G. open for Toni Braxton in Seattle in ’95; I haven’t had the privilege of seeing Train live but I have sung “Drops of Jupiter” on many occasions; and I wasn’t able to see GM before he passed. Anyways, this situation blows my mind and there’s no way we couldn’t share this with you.

Ryuichi Sakamoto


Ryuichi Sakamoto is a living master of his craft. Too often are people celebrated only after their passing. From his work with YMO to his varied pallet as a solo artist, Sakamoto deserves every bit of praise he receives.



Go!Zilla are back with a slow burner that’ll have you groovin’ by its end. Be sure to catch them on their upcoming tour and especially at Berlin’s Schokoladen on February 21st! We’ll be there…


United Kingdom

Coming in with a call to arms to “WAKE THE FUCK UP SHEEPLE” and get on it! Love the heavy industrial/goth feel with straight forward vocals. Hope they’re coming to Berlin soon…

Freakin’ Disco


This is one of those rare gems that you can’t wait to tell all your friends about (and forever remind them that you found the band first). Droning vocals and percussion melt into dramatic piano that will have you on the edge of you seat.

To Life

United Kingdom

A big mood being pushed through the speakers with this one. To Life brings you to life with their impactful flavor of post-rock that I would venture to say leans more to the neo-classical side of things. A perfect sound track to a morning ritual.

Gian Marco Castro


With a quiet yet powerful emotion, Gian Marco Castro presents the new work “Haven”. A space you want to occupy forever but know must come to an end when you have to rejoin the world. Take you time with this one, don’t rush.

Pattern Abuse – V/A Nordic Ambient


The beloved label Pattern Abuse have just released a compilation aptly named “Nordic Ambient”. The compilation features textures and energies that can only come from a part of the world as remote and dark as Europe’s northernmost regions.

Andreas Söderström & Rickard Jäverling


With a slow build the movement takes shape, eventually warming our bodies with atmospheres like spring and birdsong. Something to hope for through this long winter.

Origami Machete

United States

Heavy and sharp. Like finally telling that entity that has been fucking everything up for you and your friends to finally piss off. Feels good. Here’s hoping Origami Machete comes to Berlin soon.

High On Wheels


With a uniquely French take on heavy psych and Sabbath, High On Wheels come barreling into focus. Fuzzed out vocal samples and riffs the size of the Sunn define this track. Would not be mad to see High On Wheels open for Om on their upcoming European tour.