2019 has been wacky-crazy thus far and shows no signs of stopping. Many amazing releases are slated to drop and more new projects are seeing the light of day, everyday. Here are some recent releases that we think are worth your time and attention. You just have to decide for yourself if our opinions matter to you.

Nolan Garrett

United States

Nolan brings a big Stereolab/Ghost Box Records feel with his ditty ‘Morning’. With the passage of time we just have to accept that every morning will eventually say goodbye.

Elz and the Cult


A sound that would fit nicely into an Instruments of Discipline dj set, this Turkish outfit pushes the dark beats and heavily distorted vocals to make your booty shake and bones quake.



With a forever-crush on French language pop music, we present to you Jaune and his beautifully playful new track ‘En Sommeil’. Let it lift your spirit and wipe your tears.

Emmit Fenn

United States

What at first seems hollow and angst filled transforms into something emotional and driving. The build is long but worth the wait.

Robert Connely Farr & the Rebeltone Boys

United States

Deep blues, heavy soul with a rock & roll attitude abound in this smokey headbanger. All we can say is that we want to shoot whisky with the Devil in the Dirty South after this one.

Eye of Doom


Bringing the Sabbathian mood back to the forest, we find Eye of Doom huddled with their heads bowed, doing nefarious things, in the wilds of Canada. Groovy, doomy, get some.

Zanibar Aliens


Skate or don’t, Zanibar Aliens don’t give a shit. Grab a PBR, a joint, your board, and let’s ride.

Maria Grönlund


Delicately textured piano wash over your relaxing mind when listening to Maria Grölund’s ‘June and Me’ movement. Something to lighten the heavy load of a Berlin winter.

Machinefabriek ft. Marissa Nadler


This piece experiments with electronics and voice to create something wholly new but somehow familiar. Like coming back to a city you once lived in after being away for years.

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate

United Kingdom

For fans of Low, Stars Of The Lid, and the lighter moments of Grails. The slow moving arch of the song hints at impending doom or curiousity, we’ll let you decide.

Dominique Charpentier


Dripping with the emotion and delicate touch only known to contemporary French composers, Dominique Charpentier’s ‘L’attente’ is a quiet masterpiece meant to be enjoyed in contemplative moods.

New Methods

United States

The heaviest track in this edition of N&N, New Methods bring the power. “Endless Aggression’ clocks in at exactly 2 minutes but that’s ok, you probably couldn’t handle any more.