The ice is melting on the ground and in our hearts but we’ll always love coldwave and the band Isis. With the imminent approach of spring, we thought we might deliver a lighter, warmer N&N for this edition. But nah, we kept it heavy as usual. Also, if you’re in Berlin, our print magazine is turning one and we’re having a little party to celebrate. Check out the event here.



Getting us that noise-garage-punk good good that we’ve always craving. AND IN FRENCH TO BOOT! We’re into what CRABE is serving and we’re not afraid of who knows it. Don’t be surprised if you hear some their tunes in future Schmutz deejay sets.

Moss Folk

United States

Heavier than hell, Moss Folk delivers crushing riffs from lord knows where and blends them with a punk sensibility and tuffer-than-thou vocals. Shiiiiiiiit this stuff’s good. Wouldn’t be out of place in a record collection containing Uniform and JARS.

John Taylor, David Scott Stone, Paul Beahan

United States

Drone monoliths are forged in the course of 2 minutes and 19 seconds by somewhat of a supergroup. JT of Duran Duran, DSS of LCD Soundsystem and artist PJ offer up this expansive grave for you to lay in. Don’t be scared, right this way.

Other Ways

United States

It’s all about angles and aggression for these folx. Clocking in at not a second more than 1:25, these San Diego stompers seem to be harnessing the sun that shines down on PB and turning it into pure energy fit for scenes of yore. On tour with The Locust? We hope so!