As the holidays approach humans often become introspective and nostalgic. We are aware that the holidays aren’t an enjoyable time for everyone but we think the below list will have a little something for everyone. Enjoy.

Va Banque


Mechanical while maintaining warmth. A driving post-punk/shoegaze backbone is what is immediately apparent but when you get deeper you’ll find more textures and worlds coming to the fore. It’s as if Va Banque was sitting between Kraftwerk and Slowdive in a class taught by Stereolab.

Alice Phoebe Lou

South Africa

A fresh face emerging out of South Africa, Alice Phoebe Lou has been booked for an extensive EU tour and we’re excited to say the least. Her voice and melodies are sure to warm the hearts of Grinches out there.

Friday Night Plans


Friday Night Plans have done a beautiful cover of ‘Plastic Love’ and has officially been added to our dj sets. The cover makes sure to stay true to the track’s roots but gives an updated funked up sound.

Deep Sea Peach Tree

United States

A slacker pop dream, DSPT give us a lazy intro and pick it up right when that spliff starts to kick in. Haircut Confidence will remind you of warmer daze and a more simple time.

Luca Longobardi


Delicate piano and soft drones coming in and out of focus are what define this release by Luca Longobardi. A perfect piece to curl up to and watch the show fall.

Nico Cartosio


This is how I feel when stepping onto the Berghain dancefloor.

Rhian Sheehan

New Zealand

This N&N is pack with neo-classical movements and pieces. This dramatic piece from Rhian Sheehan keeps you on the edge of your seat with both staccato and drones in a manner not often undertaken in contemporary classical. Powerful.


United Kingdom

A melancholic, piano drive piece that insights snow covered fields and smoke coming out of the chimneys of cottages. A contemplative composer experimenting by synth and candle light.

Meg Blumberg

United States

We hear a lot of Grouper influence here. Very cinematic and deep, a movement you can’t listen to just once for fear of missing textures and emotions. Highly recommended for the chill of Berlin.

Fabio di Biase


Some soft and of a time past, blurred by the passing of time. But at the same maintains a certain brightness that only Italian composers have a knack for. Don’t be surprised if you start daydreaming while listening to this one.

Matthew Jennings

United Kingdom

The only actual Christmas song in this holiday themed N&N, Matthew Jennings breathes new life into an old classic. Let the nostalgia wash over you as the piece builds.

Karl Thesing


Though not a cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn, Karl Thesing still delivers a beautiful movement with the same name. Deep textures of high and low softly move in and out of focus, creating a mountainous landscape full of wonder and feeling.