Hello all you nice and naughty kiddies. Schmutz has been making it’s list and checking it twice and the below tracks are naughty in the nice way and nice in the naughty way. We hope these tunes will get you through this chilly December and to the party that is NYE. Enjoy!

Pretty Pennies & Tamara Bubble

United States

Goofy and relatable hip-hop for everyone. If you’re ever having a first with your best pal, this is the track to send them.


United States

Subtle emotion creeps in with the delicate piano and drones that build to something spectacular. For fans of old Nils Frahm, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and feelings.

Danya Vodovoz


A funky hip-shaker that belongs either in a swingin’ bachelor pad, on a 70s crime soundtrack or on the Ultra-Lounge compilation. We’re big fans of all three scenarios.

Marble Arch


French pop that nods to where it’s come from but is also going places. An upbeat attitude will ring in your ears for days to come after falling in love with this track, something much needs in these dark winter days.

Le Corbeau


A hip highway sound from hell. Something to smoke a cigarette to, something to drink whisky to, something to listen to on the way to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.


United States

Aggression that needs to come out, comes out with Died. Death is the one thing that no one can escape and life is too short to listen to songs more than two minutes long.

Lafawndah x Elheist


This is Lafawndah’s reimagination of Elheist’s dreamy banger ‘BYE BYE’. Drone-bounce, can we start that genre? Sure hope so.

Noah Slee

Berlin by way of New Zealand

This 15.5 minute short film incorporates tribal hymns, experimental dance, R&B and city/forest/ocean-scapes that are visually breathtaking. Take some time and check this one out.


United States

A dream scape dominated by repetitive guitars that you’ll never want to wake up from. Would have sat between Cocteau Twins and Slowdive in middle school.

Sail Into Night

United Arab Emirates

Chunky guitars and a soft drone support the lazy, fuzzed out vocals. Would have sat between Slowdive and Ride in middle school.

SC Static

United States

A classic sample based beat grooves under a flow that pays homage to the founding fathers of hip-hop and marijuana. What else you want?

Masakatsu Takagi


A trickling of piano keys bring images of softer times floating into view punctuated by tears of joy. This piece is truly beautiful.


United Kingdom

Angular post-punk and drones fit for a dream-pop queen.

Jörgen Kjellgren


A soft bubbling just under the surface, throwing light in all directions. When you reach down to explore the possibilities, what do you find? Jörgen Kjellgren.

 Kaos Protokoll


Big horns, vibraphones and air tight rhythm sections define this project. For fans of Bohren & der Club of Gore.