The cooler weather is finally starting to grip Berlin and we’re all starting to feel it. Good thing for you Schmutz cares. Schmutz cares so much that we’ve compiled some hot tracks to warm you up. You’re welcome darlings.



This track recalls some of the sexiest, most seductive French language singers of the 60s and 70s. If you’ve got a Serge Gainsbourg fan in your life who you’re trying to impress, whip this one out and you’re sorted.

Ghost Stories

United States

A slow storm is rolling in and you’re at peace, to want for nothing and don’t run for shelter. As the storm envelopes you a low whisper can be heard, it’s breaths the words “Ghost Stories” and that’s when you know…

Danya Vodovoz


A curious mix of jazz and pop, of old and new. Though it’s not completely clear what is at play here, you are captivated from beginning to end. Danya Vodovoz is in complete control of the mood of the track and the listener should be grateful of that.

Final Gambit


The rock and roll heartthrobs from Down Under, Final Gambit, are here to make you fall in love. Trust us, you’ll be frothing for these ciggy-butt-brains, fuckin’ heaps good, ey. Grab ya wheelie bins and buggie smugglers, we’re off to the chippies!

Dire Wolves

United States

Bringing instrumentation long forgotten to the table and mixing them with the latest technology, Dire Wolves will have you on the edge of your seat until the track takes a turn to Drone Town. We dig the mid-song switch up, watch yaself.

Vinny Jules

United Kingdom

Slinky and dreamy, that’s what’s up with this new diddy from Vinny Jules. We’re thinking The Strokes, a bit of Beach House and just a dash of K. It’s a mid-00s indie dreamscape in here and you’ll never want to leave.


United Kingdom

I thought Time and I had been friends for just under 30 years, but I guess not. Actually, there’s no guessing, CUTS has proven this to be an objective truth. But wait, what is truth? Doesn’t personal truth exist? Is time real? Oh well, either way, this track rules.

Lazerbeams: Tonite!

United States

This acid trip down memory lane will leave you reeling for hours. It’s a slow freakout that utilizes every corner of your brain, your third eye will open and your love of jazz will be reborn. Don’t fight the onslaught, resistance is futile.



Sexy doom-jazz akin to that of Bohren & der Club of Gore. It’s spooky and tantalizing, a gorey horror sex scene from that 70s that you want to look away from, but can’t If I were you, I would light some candles and get out the ouija board for this one.