New & Notable is old enough to drink in the United States! Hazaa! We’ve gathered tracks specifically geared towards an older, more mature drinking crowd for this one. We hope you’ll enjoy the sophisticated taste of this edition.

Our Echoes Scream


Horror electronics that recall the creepier films from Italy in the 70’s and 80’s, but if a young Trent Reznor were to produce it. Perfect for the holiday, oder?

Xander Naylor

United States

Bringing noise, jazz, composition, and funk all crashing together, Xander Naylor explores the nooks and crannies of some of the hardest listening, making it more approachable and attractive to the casual listener.

Bitch Falcon


“Do not make eye contact with anyone.” Rules to live by from Bitch Falcon. They’re heavy, dreamy and Irish, what’s not to love? Bitch Falcon would make excellent tourmates of Chelsea Wolfe, Slowdive and your mom.


United States

The lords of emo (but good emo) and post hardcore (but good post hardcore) that we’ve all loved since high school are back with something special. Big rhythm sections and horns, deadpan vocals, and drones bring the mood on hard. Let’s hope Cursive play Berlin soon!

Leon Louder


A droney, glitchy masterpiece that takes a moment to settle into. But once you’ve settled in, you realize that you don’t what to be anywhere else. Aphex Twin is playing Berlin on the 1st of November and this track will get you in the mood.


United States

Low hums coming in and out of focus are what compose this soundscape. Most comparable to taking St. John’s Wort and a sleeping pill while listening to Dylan Carlson, a beautiful nightmare that you can’t wake from, nor do you want to.

Haruhisa Tanaka


There has always been a heavy flow of excellent ambient composers coming from Japan and Haruhisa Tanaka upholds this tradition beautifully. Relax and enjoy this underwater adventure.



These crazy cats have an odd but beautiful mix of influences going on. We’ve got doowop, Twin Peaks, shoegaze, and a bit of twang all hanging out on this track, good thing these are a few of our favorite things…

Vacant Lake


Electronic music wouldn’t be the same without the influence of German greats like Kraftwerk, Can and Neu! The group Vacant Lake knows this and gives a nod to their roots while still looking and moving forward.


Berlin, Germany

This Berlin artist is pushing and stretching pop music in ways that nobody but ANNAVR herself knew could exist. The future is wide open with this project and I have a feeling that the future will take note.