Woah! We’ve hit the alustrious twenty mark for our “New & Notable” serious! But you know what they say… “There’s no sleep till Kreuzberg” and we’ve really taken that one to heart, we’re not going to stop turning out the N&N’s until the world knows about all the good music that’s being pumped out right now! Enjoy this one and we’ll see you soon…

Melt Downer


The video is cute but when you scratch the surface, it’s pretty dark. The lazy, fuzzed out tunes turned out by Melt Downer are a fog machine’s dream. And that sax, oh yes.

Trey Pollard

United States

A dreamscape with dark edges that you can’t quite define but are never out of your perfririals. The build is slow and beautiful and gives way to frantic bursts of energy and movement.

Krista Papista


A creepy video only appropriate due the approach of All Hallows Eve but the music is light and beat driven, peppy even. It’s always refreshing to run into a non-English-language track that captures without fully understanding.

Marcel Heah


A slow, carnival-esque piano reminiscent of Yann Tiersen, this is the ultimate companion to any autumn compilation. Take a long walk through the park and watch the leaves turn and fall around you.

Takagi Masakatsu


In keeping with the neo-classical feel of the season, we introduce Takagi Masakatsu. His track “Marginalia #8” feel like having a soft conversation with a close friend over a cup of tea on a Sunday morning, enjoy.



Another autumn movement that is sure pique your curiosity. Be sure not to miss Hauschka playing at Berlin’s silent green on November 7th, he never disappoints.



Go!Zilla have a big sound and a big stage presence. They just played in Berlin and we can confidently say that they rule harder than most in today’s lost generation. For fans of King Gizzard, Electric Wizard, and Eddie Izzard.

Devon Loch


Bring the shred and the dread all the way from the southernmost reaches of the Schmutz empire, we give you Devon Loch. It feels good to feel good, right? It also feels good to blast shit out of your fucking path.