As the cold creeps deeper and deeper into our bones, so does the horror of impending doom that only Berlin winters can incite. Fear not loyal Schmutzers, we’ve hand-harvested tracks from all over the world to keep you warm in their own special way.

Voodoo Beach


Berlin’s own Voodoo Beach has got a fresh, German-language slow burner out for you. Released on Späti Palace, don’t miss them next time they’re in your neck of the woods.

American Wolf

United States

A bit of that California 80s feel is creeping out on this one. It’s sure to keep your body swaying through good times and bad.

Olivia Belli


A soft build gives way to delicate yet emotional piano work on Olivia Belli’s aptly named ‘Spiderwebs of Clouds.’ An autumn walk through the park, if I’ve ever heard one.


United States

Prepare yourself for the war of the mind and the body with Minsk’s new track ‘The Chalice and the Dagger’. A battle never ending in the flesh suits we occupy.

Vincent Marlice


Another track from a Germany-based artist, but of a different ilk. Atmospherics and soundscapes abound on this mallet driven beauty. This track is meant to be enjoyed in down time.


United States

You know the Schmutz boys love a bit of noise and Lunacy sure knows how to deliver. But this is a textured noise, not that mindless gobbledygook. Layers of distortion and create an atmosphere of comfortable chaos.


United Kingdom

Domiciles deliver a laid back shoegaze reminiscent of Slowdive or Cocteau Twins. This has already been added to the autumn playlist and will help us float around Berlin with the falling leaves.

Trey Pollard

United States

Trey Pollard pulls out a melancholic track and accompanying video just in time for the matching clouds hanging low over the rooftops of Berlin. The bright build finishes in a scenic crescendo and a quick diminish; perfection.



Lots of hometown heroes in this edition. Chiller track ‘Sou’ by unhappybirthday (unglücklich Geburtstag?) is the perfect companion for a late night in with a bottle of wine, a joint, and your best friend. It’s something comfortable and easy that you keep coming back to.

Mad Meg

United States

Meet our friend Meg (she’s maaad). We’re big fans of Nick Cave and you should be too. Oh, you are already? Good, then you’ll like our friend Mad Meg.