We’re getting picky in our old age and that’s a good thing for you. This edition of New & Notable is slimmed down in size but bulked up in quality. Just bangers here y’all.



This slow and toy-like build melts into subtle energy. Infectious vocal arrangements and unique percussion remind us of when Tune-Yards was still good. Looking forward to seeing this one live.



A one-man machine, Dissolver is heavy on the loops and texture. The super simple percussion is a tasteful nod to Kraut pals Faust and Can. It’s also refreshing to hear contemporary musicians singing in their native tongues in an English dominated music industry.

The Jins


Grunge-pop gold we say! These lads give off a groove as if they were sitting next to The Vines in a class that was taught by Kurt.



A teenage dreamscape of Australian cuties. I heard MD in Aus isn’t very good. Maybe that’s why you’re getting sick?

Franz Matthews & Local Suicide


A nigh-time drive through the jungles of Tokyo. Don’t be surprised to hear this track in the next Schmutz deejay set.