We’ve returned from putting out our feelers into the nether realms of the internet, bearing gifts of fresh tunes.

Yama Warashi

United Kingdom

Reminiscent of various styles while managing to be entirely unique. For fans of Shintaro Sakamoto, Mariah



Following the tradition of many Swedish psych greats before them, for fans of Minami Deutsch

Serious Klein


Not much hiphop makes it into N&N, so when it does, you can assumed it’s worth the cut.

Curt Parr

United Kingdom

The kind of track that has you on the edge of your seat wondering where it will go next. Heavily driven guitars, stabbing synth, and static noise.

anteroom Exit

United States

Minimal but captivating vaporwave takes you on a sinister 80s montage.

Mari Sainio


Slow build feels cinematic and tragically beautiful.

Mirek Coutigny


Like Hauschka and Chick Corea.

Luke Cissell

United States

An unexpected cross section of bluegrass, spaghetti western, and lazy surf.