What a beautiful end to summer and beginning of the dark, cold, wet, windy, never ending winter! But don’t get depressed and start crying everytime you think of Templehof just yet, we’ve got some glorious tunes for you to lick your wounds with. Please enjoy.

Moon Twin

United Kingdom

Slow and steady wins the race and the same is too true with Moon Twin. The slow heavy drive of the percussion is a perfect compliment for the vocals on their track “Lose You”.

Ramone Henry


Schmutz loves pizza and fine art so it’s only natural that we would be into Ramone Henry’s track “Mona Lisa Eating Pizza”. Let’s grab some beers and call Domino’s. I wonder what toppings Mona Lisa would order.



This emotionally moving piano piece is a perfect for the transition into Berlin winter. Take your time with this one, we certainly are.

Serious Klein


Schmutz has a serious crush on Serious Klein. He’s gotten up on our “New & Notable” section before and he’s certainly one to watch. He’s a Berlin kid, don’t be surprised if he does something big with himself.



The psych-pop stylings of Macajey are lazy and hazy, the video accompaniment to their track “About Face” is something we can all relate to: falling in and out of love in the summer.