It’s been a minute since we’ve done a New & Notable and we thought it was high time. We’ve also stepped out with this one: lotsa goodie goodies.

Three Body Problem

United States

Bringing jazz, noise and drama all crashingly together we have the track “Zugzwang” by Three Body Problem. For fans of Onyx Collective or the new Kamasi Washington.

Simon Pianta


This is really beautiful stuff. Mesmerizing woodwinds that recall the balmy night I fell in love with the man of my dreams, something nobody can take away from me.

Lara Somogyi

United States

A fresh sound combination mixing the harp with loop and delay pedals. Lara also utilizes the entire harp from the strings to the wooden body holding the whole thing together.



As a hopeful sun rises, so do those who listen to Unifony, a trio class acts with all different backgrounds, bringing their own influences to the fore to create a cloud parting force.

Earth Is Magic

United States

“Shamanic Journey Music. Made after a shamanic apprenticeship. Interdimensional Gangsta shit.” Yes, we agree. Take some peyote and enjoy.

Worms Prestige


A slow burner that is sure to delight. The smoky vocals accompanied with light piano and the dramatic percussion/stings will have you swirling to the deepest corners of thought.

Peaks of Valley

United States

Bleep bloop beep beep is what some might say about the track “Ployr” by Peaks of Valley but they are wrong, there is much more to the track than that. Shame on you naysayers.

Four Quarters

Hong Kong

A big mood from “Tango” by Four Quarters. The highs are vast and the lows are soft, we recommend that you take your time with this one, soak it all in.

Black-Eyed Kids

United States

We’re scared of getting black eyes but we love listening to Black-Eyed Kids’ flavor of dark synth. Swaying in a far corner of Berlin’s OHM club is where we imagine most enjoying this trouble maker.


United Kingdom

Brooding and haunting are adjectives that aren’t ofter used to describe that you never want to stop but “Above All Else” by Bayou is just that. Jazz, classical and hip-hop can all be felt here and we’re so glad.

Grandpa Jack

United States

My dead grandfather’s name is Jack so this is real weird for me. Enjoy.