Spring has sprung and everyone is emerging from their winter caves with new tunes to share! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Check out these bands and artists from all over the globe and prepare to have your socks blown off!


United Kingdom

The creepy-crawly intro of imi’s “Margins” doesn’t give any hint to as what is coming next. The track hits big a couple minutes in and we’ve been floored.


United States

Who doesn’t love a slow burner? fK’s “sun in your face” moves in like a horror film soundtrack but releases into an ambient masterpiece.

Serious Klein


It’s so refreshing to hear some conscious hip-hop coming out of Germany. We’re waiting for Serious Klein’s next show in Berlin and you know we’ll be in the front row.

Hark Madly

United States

Tropical, vintage, IDM, etc. The relaxed yet epic stylings of Hark Madly are something to sat down and be listened to and thought about. Please don’t stop making music.

Chris Hörmann


The swirling drones of Chris Hörmann’s “Lifeline” are just that, a life life. They push you deeper and deeper into the void but keep you tethered with delicate piano work.


United States

The dreamy, faraway vocals of Lipsticism will have you wanting summer back so hard. This should be on everyone’s summer anthem playlist this year…

Alberta Balsam


We get the feels when we listen to Alberta Balsam’s “Feels”. Bringing a lot of different influences into one track and making it all their own, something special.

N Kramer


Lots of good stuff coming out of Germany these days and N Kramer is one of the best. Watch out for his experimental noodling and we’ll see you at his next gig!

Rites of Fall


Our brothers to the east are producing some of the heaviest doom we’ve heard in a dopesmoker’s age. We’re hoping they slither over to Berlin soon.

Tortusa / Breistein


Maybe this is what traversing through the nordic woods of Norway sounds like? Magical and dark but hopeful.

Be Softly

United Kingdom

A big trip-hop feel oozes from our speakers when listening to Be Softly’s single “Graphite.” Glitchy, smooth and sensual, don’t fight it.

Aïsha Devi


With a bit of witch-house feels on her side, Aïsha Devi is delivering some dark dance music to get you off the wall or float away with on your own.