Schmutz has a banger of a show coming up on October 11th at Maria Antoinette but that isn’t everything that’s going on in the world (but almost). We’ve roped some real doozies together for this edition of N&N. Drop in, turn out, tune on.

Surrogate Sibling


We thought we’d start this one off close to home and with some appropriately haunting vocals. Just wait until you get to the orchestral bit, you’ll never be the same.

Colin Stetson

United States

Colin Stetson has been a longtime favorite of the Schmutz lads and can only be compared to noise/composition giants such as Tim Hecker, Ben Frost and Grouper. He’s honestly been in our autumn playlists for years…

Other States

United Kingdom

Other States will take you to another state of mind. Can easily be likened to Nick Cave but they’re no copycats, dig a little deeper and find how Other States is something all its own.

Amour Glamour

United States

We really feel the laid back, bedroom vibe of this little diddy. Put this track on your next mixtape for that special someone and they’re sure to go weak at the knees.


United Kingdom

Wow, we are totally taken aback by this one. Hussy certainly does slay are the new track “Slayer”. Woozy, droney, dreamy, all things that are highly desired and all are achieved in perfect harmony.

Narducci ft. Heibert

United States

Sleepy and sexual, a late night drive on the outskirts of the city. Try not to drift away during this trip. We recommend candles and a joint for this one.



Drone-scapes abound with this slow burning track. Something is following you in the dark and you don’t know what it is but you’re not scared, you’re more intrigued than anything. You finally turn to see what it is and it’s gone.

Freedom Fry

United States

What a cute and spooky video! The music is delightful too. We’re thinking this one will go on our ghost and ghouls party soundtrack this year, we might even set up karaoke and throw the video on loop for the whole night!

Sleepy Songs


The aptly named sleepy songs deliver their beautiful piano with a side of tea. Something to listen to in the quiet corners of your world, something that will rock you into the unknown.



You know we had to leave you on a creepy note, you’re welcome. Have fun trying to sleep after watching this video in October. The stuff of dreams and nightmares this one.