Spring has sprung and the hibernating musicians are emerging from their winter caves in droves. It seems it was a productive winter for those of us who were pretending the world beyond our bedrooms didn’t exist. Enjoy the first of many spring N&N editions.

Be Softly


The aptly-names Be Softly is crafting something that sounds like the better aspects of Shlohmo and Baths all rolled into one. It warms our sad boy hearts.



Slow-tempo, synth-driven techno for those riding their bikes at daybreak on the wings of an afterglow.



Lyscuro coming at you with that slow build, rewarding the patient among you. FFO staring listlessly out a train window.

Mummy Club


Mummy Club managed to combine 90’s hip hop and chill wave in a way that actually works.



This is a fun one. The initially a chaotic, arhythmic collection of signals slowly evolves into something catchy.



It isn’t often that we come across contemporary, pop-influences hip hop that we’re fond of. It’s always exciting to hear this quality of production and flow coming from an artist that’s new to us.

Existence Habit


There is a lot going on with this experimental composition. Starting with discernible conventional instruments and eventually descending into cacophony, Existence Habit reminds us of something to be released by our local favorites, bohemian drips. 

Deer Venom


These Seattleites shared their brand of infectious post-punk with us and we’re sold. Minimal vocals and barebones riffs coming together to make something memorable.

Semper Volt


We’ll admit that we’re suckers for anything with Portuguese vocals, but this is an enjoyable track regardless.

Carlos Hof


A stunningly beautiful composition with a perfectly paired video. We won’t judge you for crying (we did).