Well look what we have here: New & Notable is now a teenager, let the awkward body growth and sexual frustration commence! But it’s alright, we’ve got the soundtrack to make you more at ease in your own skin. This betch of artists shant soon be forgotten!


United States

It’s not often that spooky and sexy are adjectives for the same thing. Well folks, here we have it, Ironfist. But don’t worry, we mean it in the best possible way. Sexy ghosts?



Of the land we call home, Steppenkind is able to superseed borders both with language and music. Something that should be heard around the globe.

Varsity Star

United States

Chunky and funky. We’ll just be over here grooving with Varsity Star, let us know if you need anything.

Superstar Ace

South Africa

Visuals and graphics on point. This laidback trap track uses one of our favorite rap-isms: SKRRT! Spaced out and effortless.


United Kingdom

Let us clear the air: if Goldsmoke doesn’t get yer head boppin’, we don’t know what will. Would mind if they opened for Portugal. The Man next time they’re in Europe.


United States

Delicate but moving on a powerful level. When the softest beat ever heard comes in, you’ll either be asleep because you’re so relaxed or you’ll be thinking about the meaning of life.

Kalle Widén


Don’t be fooled by the soft mixing of this track. It’s complicated and precious. Music like this doesn’t come around every day. Take your time with it, let it grow within you.


United States

Clawing and urgent we move through this new track from Eulogy. The tension! Do you think GEMA will let this track play at my eulogy?

A Living Soundtrack

United States

Recorded at Marigny Recording Studios with a fleet of Elektron, Moog and Nord synthesizers and keyboards converging with acoustic and electric instruments, A Living Soundtrack also experimented with heavily processed re-amplified tracks and loops, each dancing among the layers and weaving together the band’s singular vision.


United States

Lethean is an electro-acoustic minimalist EP. It was composed by looping synthesizers and orchestral keyboard sounds.