Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud. Words to live by really. In this scenario the stars are Schmutz and the cloud is our New & Notable series. The plush cloud of tunes we’re providing you this time around is nice, real nice. Give ’em a listen and we’ll see you on cloud nine you earth angels.



Tryna get a little drippy tonight? GOVI’s got the soundtrack to your spaceout covered.

Ghost & the City

United States

We’re trying to work out how Ghost & the City can be this good. Be lulled into a daze or slow groove with ya boo. Ball’s in your court.

Bad Stream


You like that one French band Air? Then you’ll like Bad Stream’s 2018 track “Already Dark.” Lackadaisical but driving at the same time. You could get off the acid bus… But why?


United States

Details, details, details. If you think Echodrone’s single “The Past or the Present” is a light hearted shoegaze tune, you’re wrong. It’s all the little details and working parts that come together in this track that make it special.

Gomo Park


With the power of 40+ years of Kraut behind them, Gomo Park are set to take over the speakers of all you Can, Kraftwerk and Neu! fans out there.


United States

With a spooky Nintendo feel, Hybris will ooz out of your speakers all night. Just in time for the Dungeon Master to come over.

Alex Tiuniaev


With his track “Wings,” it does feel like Alex Tiuniaev is taking us soaring over the Earth’s surface. Trickling piano turns into a crescendo of emotions that won’t soon leave your thoughts.

Meg Blumberg

United States

Frau Blumberg crafts powerful yet delicate soundscapes. Something soft to lull you into contemplation, something technical to make you focus. We recommend to keep a good eye out for this one.



Orbinaut (Orbing Out?) could sit comfortably next to SBTRKT and swap ideas. If you see them on a bill together, don’t say we didn’t warn you.



You like those slow burn boogies? Yeah, us too. The build for YXA’s track Päls is just that, a slow burn. You’ll just be nodding along and before you know it you’ll be off the wall cutting shapes with your boo.