Either there is a lot of good new ambient and drone music coming out, or that’s the direction our taste is taking. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times. Our hectic and stressful world pushes us towards media that helps us escape, in this case to an ethereal dreamland. Or perhaps there is a carbon monoxide leak in our apartment and these tunes are really matching the vibe. This edition of New & Notable is dedicated to all things slow and ambient. Enjoy (and maybe crack a window).


United States

When R&B and droney electronics love each other very much, they produce the cooing offspring that is Brenforprez.



Organic sampling and analog pads, culminating in the soundtrack for drifting effortlessly amongst the clouds.

Ian Battenfield Headley

United States

Reminiscent of one of our favorite sound composers, Tim Hecker, Ian Battenfield Headley uses crystalline synths to take us to another world.

At the Psychedelic Circus


On the minimal side, (even for the genre) At the Psychedelic Circus’s aptly named Whisper uses ASMR tactics to leave you comatose.



We thoroughly enjoy being able to hear the influence of our favorite artists in the newer generation. Supercaan sounds at times like Shifted dubbed over Tycho, with occasional nods to Pantha du Prince.

Sun Pack

United States

Recently released on Blanket Fort (which may be our favorite label name to date), R.E.S.T instantly transports us to a Sunday morning lie-in, with the sun creeping through the blinds.



This is the preview track from their new new EP due out in April. Absorver’s use of dissonant and atonal sounds has us anxiously awaiting what’s to come.

volta fior


This was deliberately chosen as the last song in the set. While still somewhere in the category of ambient music, rhythm is introduced so seamlessly that you barely realize you’re bobbing until it fades out again. Excellent composition from a very new artist.