It’s cold outside. So cold it’s actually snowing this very moment. So cold that we thought we would heat you up with some new tunes. Wiggle your body a bit and let the music take you over.



Following on the heels of the Brooklyn duo’s well-received debut, “They Came Along,” today Haulm has shared a new single called “Settle.” The downcast pop song is an eerily lit showcase of JT Norton’s haunting melodies and Reed Kackley’s minimalist production. Think Rhye meets Burial, or How To Dress Well backed by Nicolas Jarr.

Routine Death


This is the first single from the upcoming debut album Parallel Universes. It’s inspired by the feeling of being constantly on the move but never really going anywhere, and it’s oozing of lo-fi soundscapes, melancholic melodies and distortion.



Elskavon is the ambient project of Chris Bartels, who also writes and releases music as Bora York and Hi-Fi Cali. Dusk Line Hills is the second release leading up to Skylight, Elskavon’s 4th LP.


United Kingdom

Having self-released their first 2 singles, Anglo-French trio Safetalk are now releasing their new single ‘Mimic’ on Splinter, the new label set up by former Ed Banger artist Vicarious Bliss.

Flogging A Dead One Horse Town

New Zealand

Vitriol caked in wet concrete. That’s one and perhaps the best way to describe this single. From the forthcoming album, Listening Will Cause Death, released through MUZAI Records on December 8th 2017.

Derrick Rose


“Derrick Rose” from Chicago native Emcee/Producer NeodotcoM, is a breath of fresh air. In a rap landscape where reality is either trivialized or glorified, Neo presents a new perspective on the Emcee in the era of hip-pop.

Still Parade


“Should Have Known” is about the feeling you get when you know you should have figured out where your life should be heading, but you haven’t and it’s starting to scare you. Take from the new Kindness EP, out December 15th.



Lunar Dreams is the fourth song from Burudu’s debut album ‘Ditties’. The track features the famed guitarist Ioish.


United Kingdom

Pulled from their forthcoming EP, set for release in February 2018, WESLEE give us their newest single, Boy Like You.

Vranko Magas


In August 2016 Vranko Magas began a research project to see how plants react to music. He used a prototype of an Italian device to translate electric pulses of the plants to MIDI. The experience was so revealing that he begin to record the experiences in studio. “Sigila Violeta” was the first release of this project in which a “potus” composed part of the melody and “play” the bells.

Vivian Fantasy


The first single off of his brand new EP “Deep. Honey.” Released November 17 via Seattle’s very own Hush Hush Records.